Faux Wash & Go Curls

11006401_10153149941743724_3384429697646730728_n Lately, I’ve been having a lot of success wearing my hair in this hair style. I usually shower and wash my hair at night before bedtime which is perfect time to also set my hair for the next day.  In the shower I part my hair in four sections, and condition my hair (co-wash). Outside of the shower, I undo one part at a time, re-wet it, apply my leave-in conditioner, a bit of coconut oil and olive oil gel and do between 2-3 twists per quarter section. 20150213_220330When I’m finished my entire head, for extra stretching, I gently pin the twists to the opposite sides of my head to sleep with. I cover it all with my head wrap. I wake up in the morning and unravel the semi damp twists and I’m left with a beautiful wash and go look. At night, the process  takes about 10-15 minutes. In the morning, it takes about 5 minutes to undo my twists and apply a bit of extra gel for holding, then I’m ready to go for the day. Some days, to add a bit of colour to the look I spray a bit of temporary hair colour in bits of my hair. I don’t do this too often, as I notice it has a drying effect on my hair, but if you ever get  bored with your curls, it is something to keep in my mind to try.

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I won an award at work for my high performance  at work during 2014.  I got invited to celebrate at a gala held for all of the winners of the award. It was a room of 150 guests including a number of managers and senior managers from various departments. It was held at Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto.

Hotel 1     Hotel 3

The hotel was so beautiful! I was greeted at the front for valet, and I received very good service during check-in. I had an appointment booked at Sephora, so shortly  after check-in, I walked over from the hotel (it was 2 minutes away), and I got my makeup done professionally for the event.

I was a bit nervous about this event because I had my hair in twists. For any other events in the past,  it was easy to get glam having my hair straight. (refer to previous post here)  I’d do some flips/curls and I’d be ready. This was different, and a very big struggle for me. I looked for Youtube videos to try to find updos with twists a few days prior and I found one and put it aside. On the day of my gala, it ended up being a disaster, I didn’t like it all! It was frustrating and trying to find something different with little time was hard. But  I ended up doing a classic  high bun with my twists. It took lots & lots of pins and help from my mom, but in the end I was really happy with the results.


20150128_214745     20150128_211204

Overall, it was a great night, and I’m so happy I was able to look GLAM and feel beautiful.

Let’s talk hair…

STARTING POINT My hair is currently at Bra Strap Length (BSL). Although I have good length, my hair at the ends is very fine so I need a trim to even it all out.  I’m always terrified of trims  because ever since I was young I always had trims turn into hair cuts. But, I am scheduled to get a trim in the next two weeks.

straightnatural    straightne (Above, pictures of my natural hair straightened, Left November 2013; Right: August 2014)

During university, I wore a lot of buns in between straightened natural hair, but eventually I found some Brazilian hair extensions, fell in love with it and stopped maintaining my natural hair as much. Between weaves and u-part wigs, I would spend some QT with my hair, deep conditioning it, trying to restore moisture, but it was hardly enough time. Don’t get me wrong, my hair isn’t horribly damaged, dry or brittle, but I see now that natural hair requires some patience and attention to have it work better for myself.

My natural hair has never had any chemicals except hair dye but because of my obsession with straight hair, I have a lot of heat damage.  Specifically in the front of my hair, I have a certain area that is almost permanently straight because  I would leave the front of my hair out to blend over weaves & u-parts. My goal is to have the same texture overall throughout my whole hair, but it is a work in progress.


There is a mask that women are thought to have to wear. For black women, it can be a more complex mask. Our culture has created a very limited view of what beauty is and can be. I think right now television is one of the places where women are pushing up against that and saying “You know what? I don’t need to play this game anymore in order to be considered beautiful.” – Tracee Ellis Ross

For the last few years up until December, I used to wear a lot of Brazilian weaves & u-part wigs. Recently, I’ve decided to give my hair a rest from those and reflect more natural styling, such as braids, twists,  twist/braid-outs, wash & gos or buns. One day, I really took a look in the mirror and realized it wasn’t necessary for me to wear straight weave all the time. Lol, my thoughts went something like this:

I don’t have straight hair growing from my roots. My hair texture is naturally “kinky curly”. . Why am I constantly hiding my texture?

It took a lot of self evaluation on my ideals surrounding beauty to realize that I was conditioned in thinking of a narrow depiction of beauty. In my thoughts, it was almost as if straight flowing long straight hair was the only way to look beautiful. When others would see my natural hair texture and compliment it, and ask why do you weave weaves? I kept using an excuse that my own hair is too hard to manage. Which is true, but what I truly needed to do was to open my eyes and see the beauty of my hair texture.


So lately, I’ve been taking the time to learn more about my hair and understand what works best for my hair texture. I want to start wearing it out curly in the warmer months, so I’ve been studying what products work best for my hair and which ones to avoid.

I’ve also been trying different protective styles such as braids and twists.  I love braids and twists because they are very easy to style. The only downfalls I found with is that they can get messy pretty quickly and they are super heavy. I work out quite a lot and it added an extra few pounds on top of my head that I’d have to wrap and wrap and wrap them until I could finally pin it up to get to my workout.


I’m happy I’m able to explore and try new things with my hair, and appreciate the versatility of my hair. I’ve learned that I don’t always have to wear my hair straight and to love the kink in my hair.


Welcome to my blog! Firstly, I should start with an introduction. My name is Dominique, On social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr I go by mieshadominique which is another one of my names. I decided to start a blog to discuss & showcase all the things that are important to me that I feel are worth sharing.


I currently work within the field of finance, so I usually talk & think a lot about money. Given that I  work around money,  I might post a bit about money and how to save it, budget it and get your debts in order or save for something special. Anything I share will be from my view, which is usually from my own knowledge of it or what I’ve learned from my own & others experience or simply from reading.


My favourite hobby is working out, so I’ll definitely have a few posts about my nutritional and fitness tips. Currently, I have a workout page with my sister (Rae) & my best friend (Monique) and we share our favourite workouts on there and provide motivation to others. My goal is to share anything that has been helpful to me, that might be helpful to you as well.


I love fashion! I just really love to glam up and put on a really nice outfit. I’m almost always overdressed, but I never care. I love the process of getting ready and looking super glam. I am very big trendy shopper. I don’t spend ridiculous amounts on clothes & shoes but I’m always able to put something good together. I get a lot of compliments on my outfits, and little does everyone know that I spend so little on putting things together!


I love doing new things with my hair, and I’ll show my progress with growing my natural hair. I get bored pretty easy so I’m always trying something new. With makeup, I’m not the best makeup artist yet, but I’m always learning something new. Either through youtube channels or from little tips I pick up along the way.


I love writing and sometimes I will want to share more than what fits into these categories. This might include things that reflect on current news, journals to myself, or any other opinions I have on things that I love or things I dislike.

All in all, happy reading. Hope you enjoy my blog.